8 Jun 2017

Gail Dervish, Head of IB Performance and Support at WCVA has written a blog on the Active Inclusion Fund and the recent changes made to it.

Picture of Gail

'Over the past few months, here at WCVA we've been busy planning and implementing some changes and improvements to our Active Inclusion Fund. The fund, which is supported by the European Social Fund through Welsh Government, is there to provide funding to organisations that can support people to move closer to the employment market, with the overarching aim of reducing economic inactivity in Wales. However, for the organisations running these projects, it is about so much more than reducing economic inactivity. 

It's about making a true difference to people's lives, it's about helping them to realise their potential, it's about bringing hope to people who might otherwise have given up, and it's about instilling confidence and giving people a chance - sometimes even a second chance...'

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