29 Jan 2018

Barod Community Interest Company announce new lottery funded research project 'The Bridge' to help people with learning difficulties secure well paid work.

Barod Community Interest Company has announced that they will be working in partnership for the next two years with Carmarthenshire People First, My Life My Choice, People First Dorset and Social Firms Wales on a project called The Bridge.

People with learning difficulties across the UK have developed highly desirable skills through their involvement in self-advocacy and are engaged in high level policy and service design work. However it is rare to be able to secure well paid work that uses these skills, and many groups struggle to find funding. 

Recently, Barod benefited from business growth support from Social Firms Wales, leading to the idea of the two organisations combining forces for a research project to support and work alongside a small number of self-advocacy organisations who were looking to create paid work for members or generate income for the organisation.

Thanks to this funding from the National Lottery Fund, via DRILL (Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning), over the next two years these five organisations will be working together to build a brighter future for people with learning difficulties and for self-advocacy organisations. 

Says Anne Collis, project lead, "The project is called The Bridge because we aim to bridge the gap between the current situation where too many people with learning difficulties are working for free and their organisations struggle for funding, to a future where individuals and organisations are well paid for their work".