14 Feb 2018

Welsh Water has a range of social schemes for vulnerable customers and is looking for third sector organisations that can help people access the support.

Dwr Cymru schemes

Not every Welsh Water customer is aware of what help is available to them and how to access support.  Welsh Water is working with third sector organisations to help raise awareness of the schemes and support customers through the application process.

Social Schemes

The following schemes support customers who may be financially vulnerable:

  • HelpU - supporting households with a combined annual income of £15k or less, with an annual charge fixed at £190
  • WaterSure Wales - for metered households on a qualifying benefit who also receive child benefit payments for three children, or have a medical condition that uses a significant amount of water. The annual charge is fixed to £308
  • Water Direct - a payment option via third party deductions, available for customers with arrears greater than £75 and on a qualifying benefit. Welsh Water will give a £25 discount off the annual bill
  • Customer Assistance Fund - hardship fund for customers with arrears greater than £150. The customer pays 12 months of ongoing charges and Welsh Water will write off the entire arrears

How third sector organisations can help

Welsh Water is keen to work with third sector organisations to raise awareness of the schemes and can offer the following support:

  • FREE verification training on Welsh Water social schemes to enable organisations to make direct applications on behalf of customers
  • FREE awareness training on social schemes to enable customers to be signposted back to Welsh Water
  • Promotional material on Welsh Water social schemes for newsletters, social media, websites etc
  • Attending your events or road-shows to talk about the services

If any of these are of interest to you, please contact: Tracey Price, Business Relationship Manager, Welsh Water - 02920 740084, Tracey.Price@dwrcymru.com