5 Nov 2018

Marguerite Holloway has been Head of Breast Cancer Care Cymru since January after working at the charity for four years. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, here Marguerite shares her wisdom for other charities developing end-of-treatment services.


Put the people using your service at the heart of everything

At Breast Cancer Care, people affected by the disease are at the heart of everything we do. So when it comes to developing support services, understanding and meeting their needs are top of the list.

It's a great idea to give people regular opportunities to offer their feedback, so anyone who attends one of our support events receives an evaluation form. We use this evaluation form as well as other feedback to shape our support and services and ensure we are relevant and meeting the needs of those who have had a diagnosis. And recently we carried out  research into the benefits of our Moving Forward courses, in which patients responded that tumour-site specific cancer support was really important to them. The research provides evidence that shows the course addresses the concerns of patients and significantly improves the quality of life for participants...

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