29 May 2019

Standards are being developed by Helpforce, for publication bilingually, by the Open University. We are looking for volunteer managers in Wales who are willing to give feedback on how well the draft standards align with their current induction practices.

helpforce stock 1Inconsistency in induction practices make it more difficult for a volunteer to transfer from volunteering in one organisation to another.  This is particularly true for an organisation such as the NHS where recruitment and induction processes can be quite lengthy. If a young person, for example, volunteers in one area then moves to study elsewhere and wants to get involved in volunteering in their new, temporary home area, they are generally required to start the process afresh, no matter how much prior experience  they have acquired. Moreover if they only want to volunteer for the short duration of their course it may  unnecessary and burdensome to spend time repeating introductory training that they have previously covered elsewhere.

The standards will also be useful as a benchmark, or checklist of topics to cover in induction.  They allow for the development of  a volunteer 'passport' in one form or another, which recognises the relevant training and experience gained by a volunteer.

So far the standards have been extensively tested in England and within the NHS.   We are keen to contribute some feedback from Wales. NHS volunteer managers in Wales have already seen and have been encouraged to review them. We are keen to find individuals  also who workoutsideof NHS settings, in order to see how the standards compare with needs and practices in community settings too.

If you are willing to take part, please contact Fiona Liddell fliddell@wcva.org, who can send you a copy of the standards and a template for your response.  The deadline for responses is Friday 21 June 2019.

Helpforce in Wales is working with strategic partners to  further realise the potential of volunteering in health and social care, in line with our longterm plan for health and social care A Healthier Wales.