The responsibilities associated with employing staff can seem daunting. But "have them...use them..." is good advice!

This section is concerned with information and guidance on matters that trustees and managers need to consider when employing and managing people.

These may include recruitment, selection and induction, contract and policies, legal issues, managing staff, health and safety, discipline, grievances and termination.

Information sheets

Working in the voluntary sector
Employing staff for the first time
Drawing up a Job Specification
Advertising your vacancy
Selecting your candidate
Producing a written statementWorker
Induction, training and development
Supervision and appraisal 
Redundancy policy
Health and safety policy 
Sickness policy
Family friendly policies
Maternity policy
Paternity policy
Adoption policy
Right to request flexible working
Equal opportunities policy
Whistleblowing policy
Retirement policy
Disciplinary policy