Don't be afraid to request our support. All questions can be submitted through the e-tender messaging system or by calling our Helpdesk using this number - 0300 111 0124.

The application is comprehensive - please put aside enough time for completion.

Read the guidance notes next to each section thoroughly.

Save your answers in a separate document for future reference.

Format your answers to mirror the questions being posed. Read the guidance very carefully and make sure you address each of the guidance points.

If you paste in answers, please check that no words have been cut off.

Documents provided:

Make sure you upload all requested supporting information. Make sure supporting documents are in your organisation name, are complete and are the most recent version.

Make sure that all polices and your governing documents are signed and dated by at least two members of your board and management committee. Signatures must not be in the form of inserted images.

Upload supporting documents in PDF format.

If we are asking for you to enter a date of registration or expiry date of an insurance policy make sure you give us the correct date. Similarly, where we ask for a policy review date this must be the date of the next review.

Participant groups:

Choose your participant groups wisely - for example, if you are a mental health charity your probable chosen target group would be those with a work limiting health condition, but these participants may fit into other categories such as 18-24, 54+ or jobless households etc… Selecting more client groups is likely to provide you with more funding opportunities.

Remember that if you would like to receive invites to apply for Youth funding you must seek and gain approval to work with the 16-17 and/or 18-24 client groups at EQ stage. 

Geographical areas:

Be specific when discussing link organisations and past projects.

When discussing geographical areas and participant groups please tailor your answer for each one selected. Do not provide a generic and identical answer for each one.

If you submit your application at least two days before the deadline it will give us time to carry out an eligibility review and feedback any issues to you.

Make sure that all necessary people are added to the contact list on your eTender profile and also make sure that message alerts are set up adequately. (Technical support regarding use of the eTenderWales system will be provided by the eTendering Helpdesk (0800 3684852).

Don't be put off if you fail - you can apply again and we can provide feedback to help you to be successful the second time round. Remember that the process is rolling.

Remember that Achieve and Combined Include/Achieve project funding is only available for groups that are able to receive level 2 funding and above - if you only select that you would like level 1 funding you will not be eligible to apply for Achieve or Combined project funding.