Think Strategically

Thinking strategically often requires you to take some time out, away from day-to-day distractions and pressures. You may wish to develop some ideas on your own but it is often more valuable to involve everyone with an interest in the organisation - staff, volunteers, management and trustees. If they are all involved in these discussions, they are more likely to sign up to the strategic plan and agree the way forward.

Strategic thinking focuses on:

  • The future that your organisation wants to be part of, often called its vision
  • Your organisation's role in achieving that vision, often called its mission
  • Its current situation - how your organisation is performing and its relationship with stakeholders
  • Future trends in the external environment and how they impact on your organisation
  • Changes you may need to make to your services or methods of working to respond to future opportunities and threats

Being strategic means looking at the 'big picture'. This is the time when you carefully examine all options so that you can move on to the next step - agreeing the way forward

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