Most central government departments have funding programmes for voluntary and community organisations. Grant schemes are designed to fit the policy objectives and programme outcomes of each particular department.

The Welsh Government (WG) offers a wide range of grants to organisations across Wales such as the voluntary sector, local authorities and communities' first partnerships. The grants are used to deliver services that meet the needs of the communities in Wales, such as improving housing, education and regenerating areas of deprivation.

Government funding is also available through a range of associated agencies, such as Assembly Sponsored Public Bodies (ASPBs), for example, the Arts and Sports Council for Wales.

It is important to be aware of changes and developments with government policies and structures. The priorities, criteria, and names of the government departments also change, and funding programmes will alter as a result.

Some central government funding programmes open annually on a competitive basis with set deadlines. However, some departments also fund the third sector through direct funding relationships of organisations whose work is linked to their own interests. To a greater extent, the focus is now on 'strategic funding' which seeks to support the particular policies of a department.