How can organisations apply?

Join our webinar to see what can the Social Business Growth Fund do for you? - 21 May 2018

We have now opened the application process for the Social Business Growth Fund. Before completing the application you will need to have an initial conversation with the Social Investment Cymru team (, 0800 2888 329) in order to determine your readiness to apply.

The application process is split into two stages:

1. Eligibility Questionnaire (EQ) - this determines your suitability for the fund and gathers required information about your organisation

2. Financial Assistance Application - if you pass the eligibility questionnaire you will need to complete a specific application form in response to an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Organisations that wish to submit an EQ will need to register on eTenderWales.

To access the EQ you may need some reference numbers which are as follows:

- The project code is 34425

- The PQQ/EQ code are 32198 (English) and 32222 (Welsh)

We have created some video guides to help you with the application process:

Registering on e-tender Wales

Navigating e-tender Wales and accessing WCVA grant applications

Completing the SBGF Eligibility Questionnaire

For a technical briefing on the Social Business Growth Fund, view our webinar here.