Many organisations are seeing the benefit of gathering real-life stories from service users, staff and volunteers to effictively showcase the work they're doing. This 1 day course provides an introduction for fundraisers on how to start thinking about using stories in their organisation.

13 February 2018, Cardiff

1 day 

To give participants an overview of how their organisation can use stories through examples of existing good practice and making them aware of the different forms and techniques that could be used to tell effective stories.

The focus of this course is to introduce participants to storytelling and how it can be used effectively in organisations. It will look at different forms those stories could take and practical advice on how participants could use stories in their own organisations. Participants will also engage in practical exercises in script writing and interview techniques. It will hopefully leave participants inspired to use stories in their organisations and leave them with practical skills and useful advice for how to get started in gathering real life stories.

Learning objectives

  • Have an overview of how other organisations are using stories effectively
  • Be aware of different types of story gathering/sharing: Text, Audio (eg podcasts) Digital.
  • Understand different approaches to story gathering: Interviewing and scripting
  • Conduct an effective interview
  • How to approach a script
  • Understand the ethical considerations of gathering real life stories
  • Have practical advice on how they can use stories in their organisation
  • What the next steps to making stories for their organisation are

Target group
Fundraisers in organisations that are looking for an overview of how they can use stories effectively.

Lisa Heledd Jones, Director of Storyworks, has had over 12 years experience working with people's personal narrative. She began on the award winning BBC Capture Wales project, started by Daniel Meadows in 2001, travelling around Wales running digital storytelling workshops. She went on to work with fellow BBC Wales colleague Karen Lewis at the newly established Storyworks unit within the University of Glamorgan (now University of South Wales) and in 2012, Lisa, with the support of Karen and the rest of the team at the University, rolled Storyworks out as an independent company. Now, with a team of creative practitioners, Storyworks is involved in a wide range of work whether it be digital stories for organisations, locative audio as part of a site specific theatre performance or training teams in the best ways to work with personal narrative.

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