We provide training for those in the third and public sector on a range of topics, including Governance, Management, Public Engagement, Co-production, Communications and Funding. Our training programme is focused on the needs of the third sector and will help you and your organisation run more effectively and also develop your own skills, knowledge and confidence - whether you are an employee or a volunteer. 

Our courses are fun, participative and take place in a relaxed learning environment, they can provide you and your organisation with the skills needed to provide an excellent service.

We recognise that people learn in different ways; in our new training programme you will find a variety of short courses, workshops, accredited learning, seminars and online learning opportunities. All of our training is led by experts in their field who are committed to the values of the third sector in Wales. 

How we plan our training programme

Every year, we ask learners, members and the third sector workforce what their learning needs are via an online survey. We ask for your views on which topics you'd like us to deliver, where you'd like training courses to take place and in which language.

In 2017, we had 107 responses to the survey.

The results of the survey told us that:

  • 78% of respondents would rather us stop providing lunch rather than increase our course fees
  • 25% or respondents would like to access training through the medium of Welsh
  • 94% of respondents prefer classroom based learning, however other methods are also important to others

See the full results of the survey here

Crowd sourcing training

The right course but in the wrong location or language? If you see a course that interests you on this training programme or more widely on our website but it is not being delivered in a location convenient for you or you would rather it be delivered in Welsh or bilingually then please do get in touch. If you can find interest for the course in your area then we can come to you and help you to promote it too.


Training courses

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