13 Feb 2018

Janice Powers is a volunteer with Shelter Cymru and within this role she supports people who come into the project needing advice support or information with housing, benefits or debt.

Janice is always on hand to offer support and empathise with services users and to put them at ease.

In addition to this she uses the knowledge she has gained through her own disability and through volunteering with the project to share information with peers - signposting them to support agencies or for assistance and being able to understand some of the issues they may be facing in relation to their own disability and housing issues. Her commitment to the role, to the organisation and to what Shelter Cymru do has been outstanding.

Janices' story Shelter Cymru




Janice Powers receiving her certificate from Gill Wright, CAVS Chair


Janice has been with the project since 2012 she was one of the first volunteers who was recruited to the project. Over the last five years she has proven to be reliable and competent member of the team who has been willing to try new challenges and give new ideas to try.  She has volunteered along a range of advisors and all have been astounded by her resilience in life. Her disabilities cause her difficulties daily, and she ensures that she doesn't let anything hinder her progress and continues to do her best throughout the adversity of the challenges she faces.

Janice has been dedicated to the project and to making a difference for people who are disabled within the community and throughout Wales.