13 Mar 2018

Enyd Carroll has been a volunteer at the Llynfi Valley Credit Union for over 20 years and she is going to celebrate her birthday in April - she will be 101!

Enyd Carrol:BAVO

Enyd started volunteering when she retired over 40 years ago. She was looking for something to do to fill her time and keep her active and busy in retirement, so she started volunteering at Bethania Chapel as the Treasurer and at Maesteg Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Credit Union has been in the Llynfi Valley for over 20 years and Enyd has been involved from the very beginning, always being there to provide help and support when needed. She continues to volunteer every week and rarely misses, providing support to individuals that are looking to save money on a regular basis or help with a loan. Enyd still adds up the daily takings on paper and never uses a calculator always wanting to keep her mind active.

Awarded a 'Highly Commended' Certificate at BAVO's Bridgend Volunteer Achievement Awards in 2014, Enyd says: 'Volunteering has given me the opportunity to meet new people, keeping me busy and in contact with the community I know. I enjoy helping young mums and families to become more financially secure.'

Mandy Evans, Manager at Llynfi Credit Union said: 'Enyd has a real empathy for people and that is what makes her such a valued member of our volunteer team.'