20 May 2019

The Association of Volunteer Managers is delighted to return to the beautiful SS Great Britain in Bristol for a second year. With delegates coming from Wales, Wiltshire and beyond – the event is expected to sell out again this year.

Forging Connections

SS Great Britain, Great Western Dockyard, Gas Ferry Road, Bristol, BS1 6TY 19th June 10.00am-4.00pm



'Forging connections' will feature four leaders of volunteering who are driving forward the volunteer management profession. Together with you, they'll tackle three important, vast and interconnected challenges that volunteer managers face across the UK.

Those who could most benefit from volunteering are the same people who are significantly less likely to volunteer. Does a community engagement approach to volunteering reduce thebarriers to volunteering that people with less education, income and life chances face? 

  • How can we reduce the barriers to a wider range of people engaging with our volunteering?
  • Where can I find an innovative way to demonstrate volunteering's impact and value?
  • How can we encourage, enable and support people to step forward for their community?
  • Which different approaches can I use to effectively communicate with large teams or remote volunteers and colleagues?

When making recommendations or putting together a case for support you need supporting evidence - otherwise you're just expressing an opinion. Volunteers are often our greatest advocates: are we missing out on a key opportunity by not involving them in building anddemonstrating impact?

The true test of whether we've moved people or changed something, is if it continues to move or changes without us. Does influential marketing and communicationshold the key for volunteer managers to increase buy-in, recruitment, retention and help manage change?

Join us at the premier event for volunteer managers in the South West to connect with learning, colleagues and good practice to strengthen the impact of your work.

Enter 'WCVA' when buying your ticket and you'll receive 20% off. 

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