WCVA works closely with volunteer centres and with organisations involving volunteers, to raise the profile of volunteering and improve volunteers' experience. We work with Welsh Government and other public bodies to maximise the potential of volunteering in Wales.

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Together WCVA, County Voluntary Councils and Volunteer Centres provide an integrated programme of volunteering support that aims to help more people get involved in volunteering (to benefit their community and for their own personal development), and to help volunteer-involving organisations to recruit and support their volunteers

We want to see...
• More people and communities benefit from volunteering
• Organisations better able to recruit, support and involve volunteers
• Raised profile of and recognition for volunteering
• Better advocacy and strategic leadership for volunteering

We do this by:
Providing information and advice through information sheets, articles, and a Helpdesk advice service.

Supporting volunteer recruitment and placement- through the http://www.volunteering-wales.net/ website and working with volunteers centres in each county.

Providing training and support for volunteer managers - through the development of accredited training for volunteer managers, the courses for communities programme and various resources.

Improving the quality of volunteer management through best practice advice and Investing in Volunteers.

Raising the profile of volunteers, through Volunteers Week, the Volunteer of the Year Awards, Millennium Volunteers and media work.

Administering volunteering grant scheme:Volunteering Wales Grants

We work in close partnership with CVC's and Volunteer Centres to make Wales an even stronger 'volunteering nation'.