The EU Withdrawal Bill – top 5 things you should know



On the 26th October the Repeal Bill Alliance, in partnership with WCVA, hosted a roundtable to discuss the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and the potential scope and implications for the third sector in Wales. Lots was discussed and Jane Thomas, Repeal Bill Alliance Co-ordinator, put together the top 5 things Welsh organisations should know about the Bill.

1. Action on amending the bill is urgent - whether your organisation is big or small, and no matter what sector you work in, from higher education through to womens' rights, if the bill goes through unamended it will affect you, your members, or service users, in some way. 

2. For people in Wales the bill, as currently drafted, places a new and significant constraint on the devolution settlement, undermining hard fought for rights and responsibilities and shifts power firmly back to Westminster.

3. It is a complex bill and the swirl of politics around it is not helping to make anything any more understandable. What organisations and individuals need is an understandable and accessible guide to the bill - and some sort of route map of direction.

4. Lobbying has been effective but the pace of political developments means it is hard to keep up for nearly everyone. Timing is everything, knowledge is power - the more we can use our networks to keep people informed and engaged the better. 

5. BUT, it's not too late to act - and if civil society comes together we can make our voices heard. That's what the Alliance is here to do - provide information, networks and resources. Step number one: sign up to the Alliance's mailing list for regular E:Bulletins on the bill, and resources for your organisation (a campaign toolkit is coming soon!) 

Download the briefing - Repeal Bill in Wales.