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Welcome to our consultations page, where you can find out the latest consultations that affect you and your organisation. We'll tell you how to reply and which we'll be replying to - and how you can help us with our responses.

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Current consultations - updated 20.05.19

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Policy area Title Source Summary Deadline
Culture Easy access to listed buildings in Wales Welsh Government

We want your views on our updated best-practice guidance on planning and improving access to listed buildings in Wales.

Education Curriculum for Wales 2022: guidance Welsh Government

We want your views on draft guidance for the new curriculum for Wales.

Environment The future of UK carbon pricing Welsh Government

Welsh Government, UK government, Scottish Government, and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland are jointly seeking views on carbon pricing following Brexit.

Environment Environmental principles and governance in Wales post European Union exit Welsh Government

We are seeking your views on how to address gaps in environmental principles and governance relating to Wales when the UK leaves the European Union (EU).

Health and Social Care

Children and young people's continuing care

Welsh Government

We want your views on updated guidance about continuing care for children and young people.

Health and Social Care

Measuring social services performance: code of practice

 Welsh Government

We want your views on the revised code of practice on measuring the performance of social services.

Health and Social Care

Consultation on draft guidance on using social media responsibly

Social Care Wales

We are seeking your views about our draft guidance for social care professionals on using social media responsibly.


  Inquiry into empty properties

National Assembly for Wales

The extent to which empty properties impact on the supply of affordable housing in Wales;
The impact of empty properties on communities in Wales and challenges faced by local authorities dealing with the problem;
The extent to which local authorities have the legislative powers they need to deal with empty properties;
Examples of best practice in turning empty properties into affordable, energy efficient homes;
The extent to which the changes introduced by the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 giving local authorities discretion to charge council tax premiums on empty homes have been utilised, and the effectiveness of this policy.



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Looking for our consultation responses? Try our archive.