Voluntary Arts Wales network

Voluntary Arts Wales (VAW) is the representative body for voluntary and amateur arts and crafts, and works to promote and increase active participation in cultural activities across Wales.

It believes that participation in the arts and crafts on an individual level, principally through small, volunteer-led amateur arts and crafts groups actively engaging in their communities, contributes to an empowered, participative, fulfilled and healthy civil society.

VAW advocates, on behalf of the voluntary and amateur arts sector, to policymakers and funders, and supports the sector through a programme of information, advice and training.

How can an organisation join this network?

Organisations can join our network by registering for free on the VAW website at www.vaw.org.uk, where they will be able to receive regular email newsletters as well as access to our range of briefings on topics relevant to volunteer-led groups.

Organisations and individuals may also follow the latest developments at VAW by following the twitter account @volartswales, or contact us directly on info@vaw.org.uk.

What are the current issues for the network?

VAW is currently engaged in a programme of work designed to develop awareness at a national level of the importance of local culture infrastructure, with adequate local venues, funding, skills development and signposting, as well as a joined-up approach from agencies such as Local Authorities, County Voluntary Councils, revenue-funded arts organisations, heritage organisations and Health Boards.

 It is working to develop models for improved local-cultural infrastructure throughout Wales. As part of this work, VAW has identified the following priority issues: 

  • Reduction of Local Authority funding and support for culture and the arts
  • The sustainability and resilience of self-governed groups
  • The availability, quality and affordability of local venues
  • Cross-sector collaboration, linking cultural volunteering with health, wellbeing and community cohesion agendas