Welsh Refugee Council

For over 25 years, Welsh Refugee Council has worked people who are fleeing persecution, conflict & oppression.  We deliver direct specialist support services to people seeking asylum and people with refugee status in across Wales and work to empower asylum seekers & refugees to build new futures in Wales. Our services include the Welsh Government funded Asylum Rights Programme and Move-On advice services, various Home Office funded SVPRS contracts with Local Authorities and a Comic Relief funded specialist paralegal service for vulnerable women. We work extensively with a range of community; voluntary & statutory sector partners & strive to contribute to the creation of a society where respect & equality for all is paramount & where human rights are enjoyed.  We co-chair the Wales No Recourse to Public Funds Destitution Forum with the British Red Cross and the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership and are active members of Welsh Refugee Coalition & Nation of Sanctuary (https://cityofsanctuary.org/) movement in Wales.

As voluntary sector lead on work related to people seeking asylum and those with refugee status, Welsh Refugee Council works to support and grow the Welsh Refugee Coalition.  This Coalition was established in 2015 and represents almost 50 organisations working in Wales with asylum seekers and refugees at all stages of their journey, as well as with the communities in which they live. The Coalition works together in the interests of asylum seekers and refugees and the communities that welcome them, to ensure that our resources are used to best effect and to speak with a coherent and strong voice on policies and practices affecting people seeking sanctuary in Wales.

Through collaborative work, the Coalition contributes to a more equal, globally responsible Wales with cohesive communities to make a Wales welcoming place of safety where rights are enjoyed and asylum seekers and refugees can thrive.

Coalition objectives

  • Sustain engagement with the Welsh Government, UK Government and public decision makers to ensure policies have a positive impact on the lives of asylum seekers and refugees and their integration in Welsh communities, exerting influence collaboratively
  • Work to make Wales a Nation of Sanctuary.
  • Build capacity among coalition members to best support people seeking sanctuary and staff and volunteers engaged in this work (e.g. through workshops or information and updates on policy, practice and services).
  • Undertake and facilitate projects, initiatives or events that:

-          Celebrate and promote the welcome and contribution of people seeking sanctuary

-          Promote understanding of asylum and refugee rights and issues

-          Enable asylum seeker and refugee voices to be heard

For more information, please contact Tracey Sherlock: tracey@wrc.wales / 07817 333 511