Community Justice Cymru

Community Justice Cymru (CJC), hosted by Safer Wales ( facilitates members to network across Wales, in quarterly meetings, to share up to date information, discuss key issues and create a powerful and "heard" voice in a challenging fast-moving sector.

Community Justice Cymru members developed and employ a "live" -"manifesto" as a mechanism to ensure our voice is fair and representative, and that any member can be empowered to represent the sector.  Member organisations work within the fields of crime and social justice, and a strong link has been created with the Welsh Centre of Crime and Social Justice, to enable productive dialogue.

As well as attending the Third Sector Partnership Council, CJC members represent the network at many other events and meetings which influence policy and practice across Wales. 

CJC member organisations undertake a wide range of areas of work, supporting the poorest and most vulnerable, including both victims and offenders. In Wales our environment is unique in that it is influenced by both devolved and non-devolved legislation.

Third sector agencies working in this sector should apply via Safer Wales contact

 Some current and ongoing (member-defined) issues are: 

  • Transforming Rehabilitation
  • Impact of Welsh Assembly Legislation on services and beneficiaries eg: 

Local Government (Wales) Act 2015;

Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015     

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

 Housing (Wales) Act 2014 

  • Impact of changing UK legislation and / or policy directions
  • Working with Police and Crime Commissioners for the highest community benefit
  • Tackling Poverty including material poverty, fuel poverty, poverty of opportunity and rural poverty:
  • Trafficking and modern day slavery
  • Potential further devolution of aspects of the criminal justice system