The Employment Network

What the network does
The TSPC employment network has 2 key functions:
1. To promote and support the role the 3rd sector plays in addressing employment issues in Wales; and
2. To represent the views and concerns of 3rd sector employers

Led by Siawns Teg, the network consists of over 100 organisations. Guided by our manifesto the network engages with the Welsh Government through consultation responses and TSPC meetings.

How to join the network
This is a virtual network open to any organisation with an interest in employment.

Simply email detailing who you are, which organisation you represent and your full contact details.

Current priorities
The priorities for the network for the coming year are set out in our manifesto and cover 5 key areas:

1. Tackling in-work poverty
2. Addressing barriers to the workplace
3. Employment support
4. Improving community engagement and partnership working
5. Strengthening the third sector and improving awareness of employment issues from the perspective of third sector clients seeking employment.                                                                                                      6.  Developing closer links between Employment and Education/learning through identification of employer recruitment needs