Women's Equality Network (WEN) Wales

The Women's Equality Network (WEN) Wales represents the TSPC Gender Network in its engagement with the Third Sector Partnership Council, and Welsh Government. We work in partnership with the Gender sector to provide a strong voice for organisations working to advance gender issues in Wales.

WEN Wales will;           
• Represent the sector at meetings and committees on issues and policies relating to, and impacting upon gender and equality,
• Identify systemic problems faced by individuals in respect of their gender and campaign for change where appropriate,
• Encourage collaborative working amongst members to address problems and issues identified,
• Provide information on the views of the sector in relation to gender issues and the impact of policies on individuals and organisations,
• Facilitate debate across the sector on issues influencing support for gender and equality work.

The TSPC Gender Network consists of:
• organisations working on gender and/or equality issues in Wales
• individuals with an interest in gender and/or equality issues in Wales

Individuals and organisations can request to join the network by emailing a covering letter explaining their interest in the TSPC Gender Network, the work of their organisation and full contact details to admin@wenwales.org.uk

Through consultation with our members, the Network has agreed the following priorities; please note these are not in priority order. Those marked with an asterisk are areas of work which are also currently a Welsh Government priority.

• Achieving greater numbers of women in decision making roles*
• Ending violence against women in all spheres of life*
• Ensuring equal opportunities for women and girls in all aspects of life; in particular housing, employment, health and education*
• Supporting the needs of women who have caring responsibilities as well as challenging the assumptions that women will be the default carers.
• Addressing the urban bias that effects negatively on the experience of women and girls in rural areas*
• Challenging negative attitudes about gender inequality and unconscious bias towards women and girls and men and boys by both men and women (false consciousness)*

• Encouraging and supporting the visibility of female role models in all areas of Welsh life
• Addressing the gendered impact of welfare reform, poverty, and wage/pensions inequality*
• Challenging the overt sexualisation of women and girls in the media, online and in advertising as though they were consumer objects*
• Working towards a better approach to judicial sentencing, custodial arrangements, and defence support for women and girls.