County Voluntary Councils Cymru (CVC Cymru)

The County Voluntary Council (CVC) is the umbrella body for a county's third sector. It is an independent charity, which operates on behalf of all third sector organisations. Any third sector organisation operating within the county is eligible to become a member of the CVC.

The CVC works with third sector groups providing information, training, support and grants to enable them to deliver their aims and objectives effectively. It provides a Volunteer Centre that recruits and places volunteers, promotes good practice and celebrates volunteering. It also represents and facilitates the engagement of the Sector at all levels of the strategic planning process, both locally and regionally.

The CVC works as an intermediary body to support the working relationship between third sector organisations and public sector bodies such as the Local Authority, Local Health Board and Police Authority. It is a member of the Public Service Board and of all the county and region's key strategic partnerships. In this role the CVC works in close partnership with other CVCs within the region, local/regional public bodies and others to support the third sector to develop and sustain safe, quality and effective services that complement statutory services; and which are aligned to the strategic priorities for the county's/region's public services.  

All County Voluntary Councils in Wales are eligible to be members of CVC Cymru.

The priorities for our network within TSPC are:

1. Promoting & facilitating good governance
2. Nurturing effective leadership
3. Supporting collaboration
4. Supporting Innovation
5. Enabling genuine co-production of services
6. Offering an Integrated, Single Point of Access to the local and locally active third sector in Wales
7. Facilitating strategic dialogue & partnership at local and regional level
8. Distributing funds
9. Enabling, promoting & celebrating volunteering
10. Building the holistic capacity of organisations, including financial capacity.
11. Signposting to specialist, infrastructure support