Mentrau Iaith Cymru

The Welsh Language network represents organisations and groups which work for the benefit of the Welsh language in various ways and in various fields.  Each organisation in the network operates internally through the medium of Welsh and the promotion and facilitation of the language is at the core of their work.

We welcome new members to the network.  We ask prospective members to note that we communicate and work through the medium of Welsh.  Contact our main representative (Lis McLean Chief Officer, Menter Iaith Merthyr Tudful) or our alternate representative (Emily Cole, Mentrau Iaith Cymru) for an informal discussion.

Our manifesto for 2014-16 includes the following fields:

•         Regenaration of the Welsh language through community development
•         Working in partnership with organisations within and outside our network to integrate the Welsh language into all areas of life

•         We believe in Welsh education for all
•         The rights of parents to choose Welsh medium education for their children need to be protected in a Welsh-medium education Measure
•          In order to achieve equality with English-medium education, Welsh-medium education relies on transport for 3-18 year olds
•          Local authorities need to action the Learner Travel Measure, ensuring that transport supports Welsh-medium education.
•         Promotion of the benefits of bilingualism via effective national marketing
•         Raising the confidence of Welsh speakers and learners to use the language in all aspects of life

•         We support the creation and support of Welsh-medium jobs
•         Development of a Welsh speaking workforce
•         Promotion of the Welsh language in the workplace
•         Promotion of the language as a skill for work
•         Internal administration through the medium of Welsh

Children and Young People
•         We share and promote the value of the Welsh language with children and young people
• Ensure opportunities for children and young people to use Welsh in the community

•         Increased support for parents to raise their children bilingually
•         Support and opportunities for parents to learn and use the language
•         Support and nurture the language of families as a whole in relation to the Welsh language
•         More opportunities and services for families through the medium of Welsh

Housing and Planning
•         The purpose of the planning system is to manage land in a way which is environmentally sustainable, which tackles poverty and which supports the language.
•         Assess local needs as a starting point and specific basis for development plans, instead of housing targets which are based on national population projections.
•         Ensure that the impact of planning and developments on the Welsh language is assessed
•         Give legal power to councillors to consider the Welsh language when accepting or refusing development plans by making the Welsh language a relevant statutory consideration.
• Cymraeg.  Town development gives an opportunity to earmark new schools as Welsh-medium schools.
•         Establish a Planning Tribunal for Wales to which communities can appeal.

•         Welsh Language Standards to create clear language rights
•         Promotion of Welsh-medium services
•         Ensure the development of quality Welsh-medium services in each sector.