Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services network

The Network delivers youth work to approximately 250,000 young people in Wales between the ages of 11 and 25 years.

This work is delivered by some 30,000 volunteers and 4,000 paid staff at organisations operating on a national, regional and local/community basis across Wales.

CWVYS is the strategic, representative body for the voluntary youth work sector in Wales. It is also a membership body and currently has 86 organisations signed up as members.

The Network is supported by CWVYS on a range of issues, including:

  • Membership of Youth Work Alliance Wales
  • Advocacy for the voluntary youth services
  • Influencing local and national policy
  • Supporting diversity, equal opportunities, citizenship and social inclusion
  • Resource development
  • Training & accreditation and quality issues
  • Promotion of 'Youth Work in Wales: Principles and Purposes'
  • Partnership projects
  • Networking in Wales, the UK and wider
  • Promoting the languages and cultures of Wales
  • Sharing information and good practice
  • Funding support


How can an organisation join this network?

You should contact us by e-mail,, by calling us on 029 2047 3498, or by contacting us via social media, @CWVYS (Twitter) and/or


What are the current issues for the network?

  • Supporting the delivery of the National Youth Work Strategy for Wales 2014-18: how the voluntary youth work sector can contribute to its aims and objectives, including a Quality Mark for the whole sector; the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework; a National Outcomes Framework.
  • Collaborative working - both within the network and also with external partners, eg, local authority youth services.
  • Developing ideas for the National Voluntary Youth Organisation grant scheme.
  • Active participation in and support for the Youth Work Alliance Wales.
  • Access to learning opportunities, eg, the CWVYS Induction Programme and progression routes to Level 2 Youth Work Award and beyond.