Wales needs a new relationship between people and their public services.

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Over the last few years, public services, voluntary organisations and people have realised that the old way needs to change.  The pressure to change is getting stronger and more urgent as the funding cuts bite deeper.

WCVA is committed to a new way of working with voluntary organisations, people and their communities.  But it isn't just public services that need to change. We all need to make a commitment to a new relationship of putting people at the centre - sometimes known as 'co-production'.

This isn't just a new name for involving, consulting, engaging and listening to people and communities. What makes this new relationship different is that people, services and organisations begin to share power, control and responsibility for making Wales stronger and meeting people's needs.

To see how putting people at the centre can really make a difference, read our case studies on Bridgend Carers Centre and Caerphilly's Cloud9 project, or watch our video interview with two residents at Cardiff YMCA Housing Association.

Read more about putting people at the centre in our suite of e-leaflets below. Just click on a cover to read the document. 

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