21 Jul 2015

Our new icons signpost you to examples of a co-productive approach.

Over the last few years, we have committed ourselves to argue for a co-productive approach to public services - that is, for decision-makers to share power with people and communities, and allow them to have their say on the design and delivery of the public services that are so essential to so many. We refer to this as 'putting people at the centre', and you can read more about it here.

From today, you'll find a series of icons cropping up across our website, which will signpost you towards work that falls under one of the four 'pillars' that we believe are essential to making putting people at the centre a success across Wales. These are:


engagement colour

For work involving people and communities as active participants and equal partners in decision-making and action, sharing responsibility, power and resources and resulting in better outcomes for everyone. 



Prevention and early intervention
prevention colour

Early intervention is more financially prudent and less damaging than later action. Services should work to prevent the escalation of problems at the earliest possible point.



Transformational services/alternative models
transformational colour

We need bold new approaches to service design and delivery, involving innovative structures and finance, and working with partners across sectors.



scrutiny colour

People, communities and groups need greater involvement in all aspects of public service scrutiny and external review by inspectorates.



You'll also find an icon for putting people at the centre as a whole, for work that encompasses all four pillars.
ppatc colour





We hope in this way we will be able to easily signpost the sector towards work that contributes to a co-productive approach to public services.